imageJun 25, 2010
Dr. Nicol Is An Important Part of My Health Maintenance. I began seeing Dr. Nicol about one year ago do to recurring back pain. After a few visits, adjustments and some coaching about different stretches and supplements, the pain has not returned. I currently see Dr. Nicol on a monthly basis for maintenance treatments and this process helps keep me pain-free and in better health. I also recommend reflexology with Mary as the most relaxing experience and to keep my feet in good condition. As a 46 year old male who practices martial arts Dr. Nicol's clinic helps optimize my training. Highly recommended.

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imageJan 23, 2010
Great feeling to be alined. I enjoy leaving the office of Dr. Bill and Mary Nicol. It feels really good to have my troublesome neck alined in such a soothing way. The Pro-Adjuster is fast, gentle, and easy. I strongly recommend their services for anyone who just wants to get rid of that nagging pain. They have many years of professional services for sports related massage and treatments. A really A-Plus team.

imageDec 8, 2009
Dr. Nicol and the Pro-Adjuster are great. About five years ago, a friend recommended that I visit Dr. Nicol to help with the pain I was experiencing in my neck and shoulder. I have always been a skeptic when it came to chiropractors, but the pain in my neck and shoulder was a recurring problem so I decided to give it a try. I must admit I was a bit uncomfortable with the contortions with traditional chiropractics, but I was thrilled with the result. A year or two ago, Dr. Nicol began using the Pro-Adjuster and I am even more of a believer than before. The treatment is very precise and totally painless. I believe that the results are even better than with the traditional treatment. I have recommended him to many of my friends.

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imageNov 18, 2009
Relief from headaches. Dr. Nicol was recommended to me by another physician who I was seeing for back/neck pain and headaches. In addition to providing me with relief from my pain and headaches, he has also helped relieve periodic knee pain through adjustments of the joint and the use of orthotics for my shoes. The ProAdjuster system is great for my back and neck and the occasional massage is just what I need to stay feeling great.

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default avatarOct 29, 2009
Worse pain I ever experienced until I met Dr. Nicol. A few months back, after lifting too many boxes, I experienced the worse back pain of my life. Natually it was the weekend and I couldn't move without excruciating pain. On Monday a friend called, and finding the situation I was in, called Dr. Nicol and made a Tuesday morning appointment for me. She has a nurse friend that has been his patient for years. My friend was kind enough to help me in the car and drive me to his office. Dr. Nicol introduced me to a new technology called a ProAdjuster. It is a rather fascinating tool with which he made numerous pain free adjustments. The relief was immediate. Followup appointments improved my condition and now I'm on a monthly maintenance schedule. I tease him about being my hero, but it's the truth. I highly recommend Dr. Nicol. .

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default avatarOct 28, 2009
CAREER SAVER Hi. I am a male in my early 50's that has been active in Tae Kwon Do for the past 20 years and involved with three AC related companies. A couple of years ago I thought my martial arts career was over. My hip started hurting me and the more I trained the more it hurt. Not only was my hip hurting, but I also started having problems with my elbow and shoulder. I was having a hard time sleeping because of the pain. Then a friend of mine recommended Dr. Nicol. After working on me I started to see results right away and in a few months I was pain free and still am today. I still go to him on a monthly maintenance program to ensure I keep my good health. I have recommended several of my friends to him and all have had similar results.

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imageMay 23, 2009
Relief from pain and numbness. About a year ago, I developed frequent and severe pain in my upper back and shoulders that radiated down my arms and caused numbness in my hands and fingers. Dr. Nicol's treatments have eliminated the numbness and reduced the pain to the point that its barely noticeable.

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default avatarMay 3, 2009
My Miracle Man. I am RN and have had various issues with my back and even tingling in my extremities which have resolved by Dr. Nicol. I was skeptical of chiropractics at first but now am a firm believer. His technology as well as his tissue work have kept me from having to pursue other drastic measures and kept my need for over the counter meds to a mini
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default avatarApr 17, 2009
A unique combination of deep tissue work and structural manipulation. Bill Nicol has something that very few chiropractors have. He has had 20 years experience in deep tissue work. Since effective body work requires both structural manipulation and deep tissue work, the combination of these skills in one person gives the patient an incredible advantage. I have worked with Dr Nicol for years and I would not even consider going somewhere else. Thanks to Bill, all the problems I had were able to clear up quickly.