Chiropractic Fee Schedule

Effective 1/01/2012

Chiropractic Examination - New Patient

No Painful Symptoms $55.00
Painful Symptoms $85-105.00
Accident Related $140.00

The examination includes a history, orthopedic test, neurological test, structural evaluation, computerized infrared thermography of the spine, report of findings and suggested treatment plan. X-rays are ordered and billed separately if needed.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation
1-2 regions $45.00
3-4 regions $57.00
5 regions $65.00

Chiropractic Extremity Manipulation
Extraspinal (used alone) $45.00
Extraspinal (with spinal) $25.00

Chiropractic Treatment - Wellness Program

To keep the vertebra moving normally, Dr. Nicol recommends a monthy spinal check with the ProAdjuster followed by spinal manipulation if indicated. This is a simple and quick way to reduce muscle tension and help your organs such as your heart, stomach and colon function at an optimum. Total time in the office is 15 minutes. To receive the reduced rate, treatment must be performed within 30 days of the last treatment.

Wellness Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation
1-2 regions (save $15.00) $30.00
3-4 regions (save $22.00) $35.00
5 regions (save $25.00) $40.00

Custom Orthotics

Dr. Nicol's speciality in extremity adjusting offers the best solution for correcting imbalances in the feet. Dr. Nicol corrects the bone structure of the arches, imbalances in the knees and pelvic area before making a custom orthotic. The orthotics are made in the office and specific to the individual.

Pair of custom orthotics $225.00
Examination of the feet, knees, and pelvic $50.00
Spinal and extremity manipulation, if needed $45-70.00
Total cost $275-345.00

Prices subject to change without notice.